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I'm extremely satisfied with the level of service I received from Hickey Law Firm. Jack, Lisa, Nisi, and Kat were a pleasure to work with - they made it a priority to keep me in the loop as my case progressed, and today I can finally say that I'm extremely satisfied with the outcome. This wouldn't had been possible without their hard work and dedication, thank you! - Jackeline

OMG!! The patience and professionalism of this entire group TRULY deserves MORE stars than is listed! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone in need!! THANK YOU!! - Denise

I had a great experience with everyone on the firm.  They kept me in the loop on every aspect of my case. They got me my settlement in only months not years! I highly recommend them to everyone who has a Cruise Ship accident. It's been a pleasure - Donna

Fantastic firm! Honest, compassionate, responsive, professional, genuine, respected, and competent personnel. You are treated like family by all. So grateful to have had Sarah and Jack on my side. I have never had to deal with lawyers before for a personal issue, but in a time of need, Hickey Law Firm came through and exceeded my expectations.

The entire team will take your case and YOU very seriously. - Joan

Great experience! Suberb communication. Hard working team that will fight for you til the end. Compared to my first lawyer (in a different firm) who flaked without any notice. It was a pleasure to work with Hickey and his team! - Taz

I have been a client of Jack Hickey 15 years ago. He represented me with the utmost professionalism starting with the first conversation at his office . Jack Hickey is not just a brilliant attorney you want to have in your corner, he is deeply caring for his client with empathy. During the entire case you know he will work on your case for the best possible outcome. There is never any doubt and he frees your mind from worrying over it.

But there is more to Jack Hickey. When my case was settled he still checked in to see how things were going. Fast froward … 15 years later I had a question and send him an email. He responded promptly with some unbiased advise.

Five stars are not good enough - it should be five diamonds for Jack Hickey!

The same goes for his team.  Everyone you talked to you experienced genuine care, concern and professionalism. You never felt like "just another case". And when you are injured that matters a lot to you. - Martina

(Translated by Google) Very good lawyers have very friendly bilingual staff like Susana, we had an accident and we are from another state and they resolved the case for us from here.

Muy buenos abogados tienen personal bilingue muy amable como susana nosotros tuvimos un accidente y somos de otro estado y nos resolvieron el caso desde aquí. - Evolet

It was a pleasure to work with a law firm that I trusted to do the very best for our family. From the beginning, just taking information, they were professional and very KIND. That meant a lot to me.
With covid going on we had to zoom for a meet and greet. At that time, I felt I had made the right choice. When you go through a lawsuit, you have soo many questions. I have to say that my case manager, Dolores Martinez got back to me each and every time to try and answer my questions and concerns. I feel I had the best outcome with my lawyer, Sarah Lobel. If someone asked me to recommend a lawyer, I wouldn't hesitate to refer them to Hickey Law Firm. - JASON

The Hickey Firm is one of the most competent and expert maritime law firms in the nation.  They are thorough, well-prepared and a force to be reckoned with in any personal injury case. I can recommend them without reservation. - Rod Sullivan, Attorney

Jack Hickey and his team are incredible. I am an Attorney in New Jersey but have sent several clients with serious cases to Jack over the years. He and his staff take great care of their clients.  Thankfully, I asked Jack to take over a case where a father of a young child died while on vacation.  Jack sued those we believed were negligent and obtained an excellent settlement for the family.  His skill helped secure the child's financial future.  Just as importantly, he brings compassionate care to his clients, listens to their needs and helps every step of the way. Jack's knowledge of maritime and cruise ship cases is surpassed by no one. I highly recommend that you trust Jack Hickey with any serious personal injury matter of any kind. - John Burke, Attorney

I would like to take the time out to thank the Hickey Law Firm. Thanks to their tireless efforts. Their constant stamina to get Justice for a very tragic loss my family and I experienced. As hard as it is to write this because of the painful memories, I owe the Hickey law firm all of the acknowledgments and praise. They were very professional, stern, and more importantly they showed multiple levels of compassion to me . They understood the severity of the case , how delicate the matter was and they were patient with me because of it. Not to mention they were able to navigate through this case during one of the biggest pandemics in our history. I would like to personally say thank you to you'll. Dolores for always keeping me updated , you always responded to emails/phone calls right away. Catilina and Isis had amazing patience and compassion walking me through the medical portions of the case. And last but certainly not least the man behind the machine Mr.John Hickey. John stood firm in his beliefs, belief in his team , belief in his self and more importantly belief in me to get through such a painful situation. I would recommend The Hickey Law Firm to anyone. They will not disappoint you. - Danielle

This law firm has a lot of great people working there. The team I had working on my case always kept me informed & had patience with all of my questions!! Thanks so much. - Nancy

Absolutely wonderful law firm. Takes time for you and answers any questions you may have. I would recommend any one to Hickey Law Firm. - Jewell

Not only did the Hickey Law Firm treat my case with importance, they treated me with dignity.  Their expertise and professionalism was beyond any of my expectations.  Seeking an attorney will never be at a peak and positive moment in life, however, the Hickey Law Firm left me secure in the knowledge that my voice was heard.  That I was worthy of representation and given so with integrity.  I can never praise or thank them enough. - Candy

I was injured on a cruise which required surgery with plates, screws, non-weight baring for months, months of physical therapy and a second surgery with another 16 weeks of physical therapy (all in less than two years of the injury).  There is also a very strong possibility of yet a third surgery down the road along with the arthritis setting in which can never be reversed.  Being injured is scary enough let along trying to figure out how to adjust to your new normal and what the future will bring while dealing with the present.

I contacted the Hickey Law Firm after doing some research and were impressed with their credentials and with the way everyone on the staff treated me and my case.  Especially Sarah Lobel, who was the attorney I had the most contact with, was wonderful.  She always took the time to take may calls, to make sure to keep me updated on the whole process and really cared about my fears and feelings even after my case was completed.  This showed me that I was more than just a case, that what happened to me mattered and that I mattered.  I am grateful that they were in my corner and would recommend them if you need someone who will not only produce results, but who will treat you with respect and like family.

Thank you all! - MAL

Jack Hickey won an impossible neck injury case against 3 companies that other lawyers would not even touch, and on top of that we got more than expected! I have never witnessed or heard of a more dedicated Law Firm than this. Thanks to Jack Hickey and his team justice has been served! God bless you. - Michael

I suffered a career ending injury while working on a cruise ship.  Jack and his associates went all out in helping me obtain an equitable settlement. I can't recommend them highly enough. They are dedicated, professional, and very good at what they do. - John

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I googled "Top Lawyer in Miami". Hickey Law Firm came up! That google search certainly proved to be correct. I was working with an insurance adjuster for 2.5 years I gave up and hired Hickey Law Firm. Mr. Hickley took time to listen to my frustrations with dealing with an adjuster that didn't believe that my fall on a cement floor was their responsibility. Mr. Hickley incredible knowledge and experience with these cases proved them wrong. He took my case!! I had the honor for 2.5 years to work with his team of amazing individuals. Each one talented in her field and always made me feel I was the only case they were working on. Sarah Lobel my lawyer schooled the OC on every twist and turn. She always took the time to explain each move we needed to make to win our case. She actually flew to Milwaukee to hold our dispositions to make sure we all felt comfortable. This certainly was going above and beyond what most lawyers would do. Anytime I had a question or concern I could text her or call her. She always was able to be reached and took the time to explain the process. When the case got complicated and stressful, she would take more time to calm my nerves with explaining each step. She pulled in some amazing expert doctors to not only review my medical history but took the time to examine me to get a complete understanding of my case. Mediation truly was a chess game and Sarah was a chess master. We trusted her to make all the moves. When we started to panic, she once again took the time to calm our nerves so she could do her work. The process was beyond stressful, but Sarah didn't let go of the price my case of worth. The adjuster gave us $25,000.00 and told me that my back injury wasn't caused by the fall. By the time Sarah was done our case was almost half a million dollars. Sarah's success on our case was because of the foundation of her team.

Dolores Martinez was the individual that gathered everything for discovery and kept everything in order. She was able to keep me up to date on anything I needed to collect for the case. I was constantly texting, emailing or calling Dolores. It took her moments to answer and question or concern I had. This included nights, weekends, and yes even when she was on vacation. Everyone on this team seemed to always be working. Certainly the reason our case won. She also was the one to go to when I felt so overwhelmed with the process. She would answer and question I had and took the time to explain what was going on. She always kept me posted on anything that needed to be signed and made sure all deadlines were met. Her job seemed endless. She always had such a positive attitude and never seemed stressed or overwhelmed. I did have a very severe injury and was in incredible pain. Dolores would always assure me that my job was to heal and not worry about the case. That truly is what kept me going. Isis Rebull handled all my medical information. After 4.5 years of medical this certainly wasn't an easy task. She always kept me up to date on what she needed. I was amazed by the volume of medical records she was able to keep in all in order. At the end of the case and we settled she worked with my medical lien. Isis somehow was able to increase my final settlement ammount by a number I didn't know was possible. This certainly was a pleasant surprise. Michelee Nunez I only talked to a few times. This is the individuals that work with all the bills. After everyone is paid and the settlement is processed, she goes thru the final amount. She was a pleasure to work with. Afte 4.5 years I now got shut the door on this case. It's an incredible feeling to finally be done. But also knowing that this law Firm did the best job ever to give me the best settlement possible. As stressful as this process was this group of amazing people made it a bit easier. I would in a heartbeat hire them again. But crossing my fingers I will never have to.

- Christine Waters

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