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Florida Cruise Ship Rape Lawyer John H. (Jack) Hickey Receives Award From the Florida Bar

John H. (Jack) Hickey

On June 23, 2004, personal injury and maritime lawyer John H. (Jack) Hickey, Immediate Past President of the Dade County (Miami) Bar Association, was recognized by the Florida Counsel of Bar Association Presidents at its annual meeting. John H. (Jack) Hickey was presented with a certificate “In recognition of your dedicated leadership to the members of your legal community during your service as president.” John H. (Jack) Hickey, a board certified civil trial attorney, has been recognized as a “Top Lawyer” by the South Florida Legal Guide in both personal injury and maritime. John H. (Jack) Hickey is a Lifetime Member of the Florida Counsel of Bar Association Presidents, a Fellow and Lifetime Member of the Florida Bar Foundation, and a Sustaining Member of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

Cruise Ship Assault Lawyer John H. (Jack) Hickey Repeatedly Awarded Honor of “Top Lawyer”

Cruise Ship Assault Lawyer John H. (Jack) Hickey Repeatedly Awarded Honor of 'Top Lawyer'

In 2004, the South Florida Legal Guide named personal injury and maritime lawyer John H. (Jack) Hickey as a “Top Lawyer ” in both the personal injury and maritime categories. He was also named “Top Lawyer ” by the same publication for 2004–2005.


In addition, cruise ship assault lawyer John H. (Jack) Hickey has been interviewed about cases by: the Miami Herald; the Daily Business Review; WNBC Channel 6 News (Miami); Lawyers Weekly USA; Associated Press; CNN; and the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

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Cruise Sexual Assault Victim Works to Improve Cruise Ship Safety

Laurie Dishman of Sacramento, California has been working to inform the public about the lack of safety laws regarding sexual assault on cruise ships. Ms. Dishman was raped by a crew member aboard a Royal Carribean cruise ship in February 2006. When she reported the incident to the ship’s crew, she was neglected and ridiculed. She was told that she needed to conduct a rape kit examination on herself and was told that she needed to control her drinking. Since her traumatic experience, she has vowed to fight back against the company that wronged her. She has decided to join other cruise ship crime victims in lobbying Congress.

Short Summary: 
The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) – information regarding local hotlines and nationwide programs to prevent sexual assault.

Senator John Kerry Aims to Lower Cruise Ship Crimes

Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts announces plans to improve safety and crime reporting standards in the cruise line industry. Senator Kerry chaired a Senate subcommittee hearing on cruise ship safety, the most recent of many Congressional hearings on regulating the cruise ship safety standards. The Committee heard from both cruise ship assault victims and representatives of the various cruise lines to determine whether cruise line companies should be required to notify the Department of Homeland Security of all alleged crimes involving U.S citizens aboard cruise ships.

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Woman Files Suit Against Carnival Cruise Line

Morgan Black, a woman who was drugged and raped on a cruise in February 2008, has filed suit against the Carnival Cruise Line. Ms. Black filed suit in the U.S. District Court in Miami on June 19, 2008.

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The International Cruise Victims Association – information about various cruise ships crimes, including cruise ship rape.

U.S. Senate Passes Bill Requiring Peace Officers aboard Cruise Ships Sailing from California

California’s Senate public safety committee examined Senate Bill 1582 in April 2008. This bill requires that cruise ships sailing from California have a peace officer aboard to monitor ship safety and ensure that ships comply with environmental regulations. While many ships currently have private security guards, a peace officer would help create a safe atmosphere on cruise ships, particularly when sailing in international waters.

Sexual Assault Twice as Likely on Cruise Ships

A study performed by Professor Ross Klein indicated that sexual assault was twice as likely to occur on a cruise ship as on dry land. Professor Klein’s study indicated that the rate of sexual assault on cruise ships was 59 per 100,000 passengers. The rate of sexual assault in the United States generally, on the other hand, was only 32 instances per 100,000 people. The study also indicated that nearly seventy percent of sexual assaults were carried out by crew members on cruise guests, ten percent of assaults were carried out by crew against other crew members, and all other sexual assault instances were carried out by cruise ship passengers.