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When you're on vacation or taking a cruise, you expect to have a safe trip. Rape, assault and sexual assault are never on the forefront of your mind. Sadly, these types of accidents can and do occur to both passengers and cruise ship workers.

Being a victim of sexual assault can be devastating and life altering. It can affect you emotionally, physically and even mentally. However, knowing that you have people on your side that care about you and who are willing to fight for your rights can make a world of difference.

If you've been sexually assaulted while on a cruise, you deserve justice. Our attorneys at Hickey Law Firm are here to help. Give our office a call at (855) 757-4200 to schedule your initial consultation. We are proud to serve clients in Miami, South Florida and around the globe.

Online Resources

Our experienced litigators know and understand that what you went through may be difficult to talk about. That's why we've compiled a list of numerous support resources available to assist you in coping with this devastating incident.

Some online resources that you can consult while recovering from a traumatic cruise assault or rape include the following:

  • International Cruise Victims Association: The International Cruise Victims Association is dedicated to assisting victims of cruise-related crimes and in overcoming their grief and pain. This site contains articles related to cruise ship disappearances, rape on cruise ships, other cruise ship crimes, recent news publications and stories written by victims of cruise ship crimes.
  • Sexual Assault Support Services: SASS is an organization that supports victims of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse while striving to prevent sexual violence in the community. This webpage provides information about sexual assault prevention, sexual harassment workshops, a 24-hour crisis hotline and support groups for those affected by sexual assault.
  • Abused Adult Resource Center: The Abused Adult Resource Center provides emergency support, counseling and crisis intervention for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • The National Center for Victims of Crime: This site provides information about overcoming sexual assault.

If you prefer in-person support to discuss what you went through, we can help connect you with groups and resources within your community.

Community Support

In addition to the above resources, you can likely find support groups in your neighborhood. Such groups may include sexual assault victim groups run by churches, community centers and other local organizations. Our lawyers can help you find a safe place for you.

We may also recommend turning to friends and family members to support you during this difficult time. If you feel depressed or suffer from other negative emotions following your horrifying experience, you should seek professional medical assistance from a qualified counselor or psychologist.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

Our dedicated lawyers know how awful sexual assault can be. Not only does it affect you, but it can also hurt your family to see you so devastated. We are prepared to fight for your rights to ensure this never happens again.

With combined experience of several decades, you can rest assured that our cruise ship attorneys will work tirelessly for the justice you and your family deserves.

If you are in the Miami area and would like to discuss your cruise ship assault case with our compassionate lawyers, give our office a call at (855) 757-4200 to schedule your initiation consultation.