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Sexual assaults, rapes, cruise ship accidents, and admiralty and maritime accidents can all cause serious personal injury that can affect the victim’s way of life. Cruise ship sexual assault attorney John H. (Jack) Hickey has experience representing victims in Miami, throughout the state of Florida, and around the world who have suffered various forms of personal injury, on various cruise lines, including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Disney, Norwegian, Princess, Canaveral, Renaissance, and Seaborne, SilverSea Cruise Lines, as well as many others. Many of these injuries include passengers or crewmembers attacking other passengers or crewmembers, as well as:

If you have been a victim of any of the above, there are certain things that should be done immediately. Contact law enforcement personnel as soon as possible, which could be at the next port of call, or via a satellite phone from the ship. Pictures should be taken by law enforcement and evidence should be collected as soon as possible. The victim is encouraged to not bathe before contacting personnel because the victim could have evidence on his or her person. Do not let the cruise line pressure the victim into letting the cruise line take care of the situation; the cruise line does not have your best interests in mind. Contact cruise ship rape lawyer John H. (Jack) Hickey in Miami, Florida about what steps should be taken.

If you have suffered one of these injuries as the result of another person’s or cruise line’s negligence or wrongdoing, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact cruise ship sexual assault attorney and maritime lawyer John H. (Jack) Hickey in Miami, Florida, to discuss your case.