Five Safety Tips When Taking a Cruise

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Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer | Miami, FLWhen you and your family decide to take a cruise, you are looking forward to a time where you can enjoy the sun, sea, and sand without any stress. While this is the common experience for most that partake upon a cruise, there are times when people suffer and become injured while cruising.

You are your family have a right to expect a safe and secure time while enjoying your cruise and, if this doesn't happen, you may have rights to file a lawsuit for damages. Contact The Hickey Law Firm today for help with your case. Our attorney, John H. (Jack) Hickey, has decades representing  those that had a horrible experience aboard a cruise ship and he can help you too. Call him at (855) 375-3727.

Tips For Safety When Cruising

1) Be aware of all hazards -- keep your eyes open for possible causes for injuries, including uneven floors, wet surfaces that could cause a slip-and-fall injury, uneven stairways, empty swimming pools, etc.

2) Protect your children -- sadly, children are at risk while aboard a cruise ship as they may be targeted by pedophiles, so always protect your children from the expected risks and unexpected risks while aboard a ship.

3) Pay attention to food preparation and storage -- if food that should be kept cold isn't on ice or being properly stored, it may cause you a food-borne illness.

4) Be wary while on off-ship excursions -- even while you're not on the ship, it is the cruise line's responsibility to contract on-shore excursions with reputable and safe companies that will put your safety first.

5) Know your rights -- before you venture upon a cruise ship, know where you might need to file a lawsuit should anything occur. Also, know where medical help is available and ensure that you seek it whenever you need to receive it

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If you or your family member has been hurt or assaulted while traveling on a cruise, even if it occurred while you're on an off-ship excursion, you have rights. Contact The Hickey Law Firm so we can help you determine which port city you need to file your suit in and if we can help you. Contact us today by filling out the form on this page or calling (855) 375-3727. We serve clients in Miami, Florida and the surrounding areas.