Cruise Lines Create a False Sense of Security

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The Cruise Lines Create a False Sense of Security

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We’ve all seen the ads: Happy families enjoying the sun and ocean breeze while being pampered on the deck of a cruise ship. But such ads hide the fact that some passengers experience trauma or injury while on vacation that points directly to negligence on the part of the cruise operator. If a recent cruise vacation has turned your world upside down, please contact the Hickey Law Firm at 855-757-4200 for a free consultation with our Miami cruise ship attorneys.

The High Cost of Cheap Fares

Cruise operators attract passengers with low fares that seem too good to be true. And all too often, they are. What travelers don’t realize is that many of the world’s largest cruise lines are based out of countries that don’t offer the same protections under the law as the United States. By avoiding U.S. taxation and regulatory oversight, they’re able to charge fares that are incredibly low. But such low fares often come with unseen costs.

Operating out of less developed countries allows cruise operators to hire labor at very low rates, and many ships demand long shifts for little pay. Underpaid labor serving relaxed vacationers is a volatile mix, setting up an environment in which theft, crime, and even sexual assault are possible.

A False Sense of Security

Another consequence of unbelievably low fares is that cruise ship workers rely on tips to augment their low wages. By assigning each passenger to a table with regular wait staff, the cruise operator attempts to build a system in which vacationers and wait staff connect and socialize, thus increasing the odds that the tips will the offset low wages they pay. Unfortunately, this creates an environment in which passengers let down their guard, and wait staff may attempt to take advantage of the customer or cause personal injury.

There Are Laws To Protect You

Cruise lines have a duty to protect passengers from assaults by crew members and are obligated to safely transport their customers. Federal and state laws impose strict liability and penalties for crew members who cause harm to passengers, and international maritime law also holds the carrier itself responsible. Numerous verdicts have confirmed and upheld this obligation, but success depends on knowing how and where to file suit. Those details are usually buried deep within your passenger contract ticket, which is intentionally designed to confuse and confound the customer while protecting the cruise operator.

Cruise operators can and should be held accountable for their careless actions, but such cases are so complex that it’s vital you have experienced legal representation. If you have suffered injury or trauma while on a cruise ship, please contact our Miami cruise ship attorneys at the Hickey Law Firm at 855-757-4200 to schedule your free case evaluation.