Cruise Line Horrors

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Traveling abroad on a cruise ship is an inexpensive way to experience luxury. While a cruise may be enticing because of the cheap rates and ease of enjoying multiple international locations within one trip, there are several realities you should be made aware of as a passenger. But what, exactly, should you know about cruise lines?

Unfortunately, accidents on cruise ships happen all too often due to the secrecy and negligence of crewmembers or the cruise lines themselves. Fortunately, Hickey Law Firm has decades of combined experience to fight for your rights. Our team of dedicated cruise ship attorneys want you to stay informed as you progress through your case. We will help you every step of the way.

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Why are Cruise Fares so Cheap?

It's true that cruises are inexpensive when compared to traveling internationally by plane and staying in a hotel. However, this is because many cruise lines are owned by and operate out of international countries. For instance, cruise lines like Carnival or Royal Caribbean are incorporated from foreign countries including:

  • Panama
  • Bermuda
  • Bahamas
  • Liberia

This allows cruise lines to avoid U.S. taxes and regulations, which is why they offer such low prices to their passengers. However, this practice can cause more problems for you in the end.

Who Loses When the Cruise Fares Are So Cheap?

While you may be thinking that a lower fare is a positive thing, the reality is that these lower fares harm everyone involved.

By avoiding U.S. taxes, labor laws and regulations, cruise lines can and do employ people of third-world countries. These employees oftentimes do not go through the proper training to deliver the high standards of service set forth by the cruise lines themselves. This can mean employees:

  • Cannot communicate effectively with passengers
  • Are severely underpaid, oftentimes making $200 per week
  • Are very overworked
  • Cannot accept tips

These situations and poor hiring practices can lead to an employee committing a crime, stealing or harming you and your family. Unfortunately, the list of cruise line secrets does not end here.

Other Secrets Cruise Lines Don’t Want You to Know

Cruise lines don’t want you to know about the dangers of traveling with them, so they will keep the following as secret as possible:

  • Cruise ship fires, which occur quite frequently, will most likely result in your ship being adrift at sea without air conditioning, working toilets, temperature-controlled cabins or food.
  • Cruise ships travel through pirate-infested waters.
  • Cruise ships are equipped with on-board security, but they are not police, FBI or Coast Guard, therefore operate under regulations from the cruise lines themselves. Oftentimes this can lead to negligent security staff.
  • Sexual assault and rape occur frequently aboard cruise ships and are the leading reported crime from passengers according to Salvador Hernandez, the Deputy Assistant of the FBI.
  • Filing a lawsuit against a cruise ship line has to be done in the proper state due to specific port laws. Contacting a cruise ship attorney should always be your first step.
  • Cruise ships can dump nearly anything into the waters in which they are traveling, including raw sewage and gray water once they’re more than 3 miles away from the shoreline.
  • Cruise lines will contact the FBI for you if you’ve been involved in an assault or rape, though they may not report the details accurately. ALWAYS insist upon calling the FBI yourself to report your case.
  • There are multitudes of ways to be injured aboard a cruise ship or while on a shore excursion that cruise lines may not offer proper protection against.
  • Young adult or children’s dance clubs or other youth-designated areas may be infiltrated by sexual predators due to a lack of protection and oversight by the cruise lines.

Because of this extreme level of secrecy and negligence, cruise lines may be held responsible for any injury or crime committed while on board their ships. If you or a loved one believe you have been wronged by a cruise line, our cruise ship attorneys at Hickey Law Firm can help.

How the Cruise Ship Attorneys at Hickey Law Firm can Help

Our dedicated team of litigators has significant experience in representing injured, assaulted, or raped cruise ship passengers nationwide. We understand the steps involved when filing a lawsuit against major corporations and cruise lines, including how to file internationally and how to file against cruise lines that make port in numerous locations.

Together, our team will fight for the justice and compensation you and your family deserve. If you or a family member have gone through something terrible while on a cruise, and believe the cruise line is at fault, Hickey Law Firm can help.

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