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Going on a cruise is exciting. When you and your family embark on your journey, you expect to have a great time. Unfortunately, all too often injuries and mistreatment occur on cruise ships. These instances can happen to both passengers and crewmembers.

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Passengers Mistreated by Crewmembers

Oftentimes, the employees hired by cruise lines are under trained. An overall lack of training is a safety hazard for everyone involved and can lead to dangerous situations. These unsafe conditions have the potential to cause passenger injury or mistreatment. Situations may include:

  • Poor hiring practices can lead to employing workers that are more inclined to assault passengers
  • Not knowing how to properly prepare and store food causing ship-wide food poisoning
  • Lacking the proper training or tools to keep the deck and all ship surfaces safe causing slip and fall accidents

If you believe you have been injured due to the negligence of a crewmember, or believe you have been purposefully mistreated by a crewmember, Hickey Law Firm can fight for you.

Crewmembers Mistreated by Others

However, know that passengers are not the only ones on a cruise ship that have the potential to sustain injury or harm. The employees of cruise lines may also suffer mistreatment.

Crewmembers are often employed from third world countries and are forced into a suboptimal working environment, including:

  • Low level of care
  • Minimal pay
  • Poor living conditions

This alone can constitute mistreatment on the cruise line’s end. However, crewmembers can also be mistreated by passengers or other ship employees in a variety of ways, including:

  • Assault
  • Harassment
  • Rape

Documenting each instance of mistreatment can be the key to your case.

What To Do If You See Mistreatment

When you see mistreatment occur, whether it is to a passenger or a crewmember, it's important to document everything you possibly can about the incident. This can include information such as:

  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Description of the incident
  • Witness testimonials and information
  • Photographs

By gathering the data, you can help our experienced litigators build a strong case against the responsible party.

How Hickey Law Firm Can Help

If you and your family believe that you were the victim of mistreatment, or you believe you witnessed mistreatment to a crewmember, our attorneys can help. We will meet with you in person to discuss the unique circumstances of the situation to determine the next best step.

Hickey Law Firm will fight tirelessly to get the justice and compensation you deserve to cover expenses, such as:

  • Lost wages associated with injury or unfair pay
  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological treatment
  • Current and ongoing medical treatments

Cruise lines have a responsibility to ensure that everyone on board is safe during and after the voyage. Our attorneys will fight to make sure that cruise lines are held liable for any damages, mistreatment or injuries sustained while under their care.

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