Crewmember and Seamen Injury

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Whether you are a passenger or a crewmember onboard a sea-bearing vessel, there is an expectation that you will be kept safe. It is the captain's duty as well as the owner of the boat to provide safe and effective methods for protecting every single employee. However, crewmembers and seamen often sustain serious injuries due to the negligence of boat owners and captains.

If you are injured as a crewmember, it is crucial to work with lawyers who understand the complexities of maritime law. Fortunately, that's where the experienced attorneys at Hickey Law Firm can help. With years of experience defending victims of cruise ship negligence, we can help fight for your rights.

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Who can be Held Accountable?

In cases where crewmembers or seamen are injured while working for a cruise ship company, captain or boat owner, admiralty law can be applied. Admiralty law protects both crewmembers and passengers from the negligence of ship owners. This specialized area of law also regulates accidents and injuries that occur onboard various types of boats, including:

  • Ships
  • Cruise lines
  • Yachts
  • Recreational boats

Admiralty law dictates that if someone is injured while onboard due to a ship owner's negligence, that the ship owner may be held liable for the costs associated with the injuries.

To delve into the matter even further, the federal law known as the Jones Act can also be applied. The Jones Act is an extension of admiralty law, and was set into place to protect seamen who work on ships, including:

  • Offshore oilrigs
  • Barges
  • River boats
  • Fishing boats

Under the Jones Act, a seaman may be entitled to recover damages if they are injured during their employment. Crewmembers and seamen have the right to sue their employer if they suffered partial injury due to the ship owner's negligence while onboard their craft. Ultimately, ship companies and owners have a responsibility to provide safe working conditions for all of their employees. However, accidents that lead to injuries still can and do occur.

Common Cruise Ship Injuries

Working on any type of sea-bearing vessel can be hazardous from inclement weather and slippery decks to heavy machinery and faulty equipment. Injuries sustained while onboard can be life altering for crewmembers.

Common injuries sustained while onboard commercial ships can occur in several different ways, including:

  • Unsafe decks
  • Products that are slippery or oily on the deck
  • Broken equipment
  • A ship or equipment that is not maintained
  • Improper training
  • Assaults
  • Unsafe working environment including drunken coworkers or captains

If you have been injured while working on any type of commercial vessel, only an experienced cruise ship lawyer can help you with your case.

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