Cruise Ship Injuries and Accidents

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Lawsuit Filed Over Injuries Sustained during Carnival’s ”Tilt Cruise”

On October 28, 2018 a Carnival cruise ship suffered a mechanical issue which caused to to list (or tilt) to its side for up to 60 seconds. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), the company claimed that the incident did not put any passengers in jeopardy. A lawsuit, filed this week by three passengers who were on the ship at the time it listed, suggests that not only were passengers put in danger, but that at least several sustained serious injuries.

Norwegian Escape Crew Members Evacuated After Being Burned in Engine Room Incident

Two Norwegian Escape crew members were hurt on Monday, in an incident which occurred in the ship’s engine room.

Published reports do not indicate the exact nature of the accident, but the crew members’ injuries were severe enough that they had to be medically evacuated from the ship by the U.S. Coast Guard.