Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Norwegian Cruise Line

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Last year, just after a weeklong cruise had begun from New York to Florida and the Bahamas on the Norwegian Gem, owned by  Norwegian Cruise Line a child drowned and now a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by the child’s mother, Colleen Blair of New York.

On Sunday afternoon, May 17, 2015, two siblings went into the pool but within minutes they were rescued, not by lifeguards, but by passengers. The passengers, who did have medical backgrounds tried to resuscitate the children while desperately screaming for help. One of the children survived but the 10 year old died and the lawsuit claims that Norwegian cruise line was negligent as it did not and still does not provide lifeguards at the pool.  At the time, when the medical team did arrive they administered CPR but the child could not be revived.
The lawsuit maintains that despite several children who have drowned or nearly drowned on its ships, Norwegian Cruise Line refuses to spend any money by employing lifeguards who could prevent such tragedies.
Witnesses to the incident, other passengers, have maintained that the NCL staff had no idea what to do and simply panicked, allowing the medically trained passengers to do the work.
This was exactly the same scenario a year previously on another Norwegian cruise ship from New York to Florida when two brothers had to be pulled from the pool on the Breakaway, and while the six year old survived, the four year old died and again passengers said the cruise line did nothing to help.
The complaint goes on to alleges that even though Norwegian is well aware of the danger it does absolutely nothing about it; it does not warn passengers about the lack of a lifeguard properly, it does not enforce the laid down regulations about pool capacity, and nor is it capable of providing proper medical care.