World's Most Dangerous Ports of Call

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  • Cruise ship passengers must beware of potential violence on shore at some of the world’s ports of call.
  • AOL issued a list of the most dangerous ports of call in the world.
  • Danger issues range from robbery to terrorism concerns.

According to a report issued by AOL, the among the world’s cruise destination are several that should alarm those looking to see the world by way of cruise ship. The fact is that the world can be a very dangerous place and cruise lines must try to keep their passengers safe while at the same time ferrying them to exotic and exciting vacation destinations. This means they must try to determine which ports of call’s positive features balance favorably with its hazards.

Below we will take a look at some of the most dangerous crews destinations in the world according to the AOL article.

Columbia - Columbia has been one of the most dangerous countries in the world for decades, and continues to rank among the top 20. But despite its reputation for violence, Columbia continues to host large numbers of cruise ship arrivals every year.

Saint Lucia - Authorities say that cruise ship passengers in Saint Lucia are frequently targets of robbery. The situation has gotten so bad that many cruise lines are reportedly considering pulling the country from their itineraries altogether.

Saint Croix – Saint Croix has reportedly seen its cruise arrivals decrease dramatically during the summer months, in response to the destination’s continuing problems with violence against cruise ship passengers.

Turkey – Cruise passengers in Turkey have not reportedly suffered from relatively high levels of violence, but the country borders Iraq and Syria, two the war zones, and is reportedly a major gathering place for ISIS terrorists looking to cross the border into Syria.