Woman Sues Carnival for Negligence after Stairway Slip-and-Fall Incident

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  • A woman, who sailed with Carnival Cruise Lines, is suing the company, claiming negligence.
  • The plaintiff was injured when she fell down a stairway on a Carnival cruise ship.
  • The suit blames Carnival for failing to maintain the stairway in good working order and free of hazards.

A woman who sailed with Carnival Cruise Lines in November is suing the company, alleging that its negligence resulted in her sustaining physical injury.

The plaintiff, Catherine Maranhao, filed suit against the company in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. The suit stems from an alleged slip-and-fall incident on November 23, in which she reportedly fell down a stairway, suffering physical injury. Her suit holds Carnival responsible, claiming that the company failed to maintain the stairway free of hazardous objects and defects.

The plaintiff’s suit seeks compensation for damages and interest, medical expenses, legal fees, and other relief provided by the court.

Cruise lines have a responsibility to maintain the premises of their ships in good working order. Passengers may be entitled to compensation when they are injured due to a cruise company’s having failed to properly maintain a ship, including cleaning up dangerous spills, removing dangerous objections in walkways, and correcting other hazards.

Carnival is sued dozens of times per year for passenger slip-and-fall incidents.