Woman Sues Carnival for Cruise Ship that Listed Without Warning

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  • When a cruise ship tilts, or lists, it can send all manner of objects dangerously flying through the air.
  • A listing ship can also result in people, especially the elderly or infirmed, falling over and suffering injury.
  • A former passenger of Carnival Cruise Lines is suing the company for injuries she sustained in a listing ship.

When a cruise ship tilts, or lists, it can cause an extremely dangerous situation for both passengers and crew. In recent years shocking video of listing cruise ships have shown the world scenes of tables, silverware, and even passengers, hurtled through the air as the ship tilts.

Now, one woman has filed a lawsuit as a result of being injured on a ship that listed.

On November 4th Pamela Williams filed a lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Lines. In the complaint she claims to have suffered significant injury on March 2015 while sailing on a Carnival cruise ship.

Williams claims that the ship listed, resulting in her suffering a laceration to her forehead. In her suit Williams faults Carnival for not warning her that the ship was prone to listing.

Williams is suing Carnival for negligence and requests a jury trial. She is seeking damages, legal fees, and any other compensation the court may deem appropriate.

The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida Miami Division.