Why Do People Disappear from Cruise Ships?

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In light of the most recent case of cruise ship disappearance, that of 32-year-old Reco Scott from Decatur, GA, the question of why people go missing from cruise ships becomes apparent.


There have been no studies investigating this perplexing problem. Often times those who fall from cruise ships are reported to have jumped. But this explanation can be suspicious itself, because cruise companies face enormous liabilities for cruise passengers who have accidentally fallen overboard, making an explanation of “he or she jumped” potentially less difficult for the cruise company.

Every year there are dozens of cases of cruise ship disappearances. Most of those who fall overboard are never heard from again. Sometimes cruise ship passengers go missing under mysterious circumstances, such as was the case of George Smith, who disappeared from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship years ago.

Many of these cases raise questions of cruise line negligence, and even foul play.