What Happened to Samantha Broberg?

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  • Samantha Broberg went missing from the Carnival Liberty in May, 2016.
  • She apparently fell from the ship, but many believe a blood stain was found near her disappearance site.
  • Carnival states it does not suspect foul play and the FBI is investigating.

On May 13, 2016 Samantha Broberg, wife of top thoroughbred horse trainer Karl Broberg, went missing from the Carnival Liberty cruise ship while sailing in the Gulf of Mexico. The cruise line states that it reviewed the security footage of the incident and concluded that the 33-year-old stay at home mother apparently climbed up onto a railing of the ship and fell backward into the sea. But rumors that a knife had been found near the scene of her disappearance prompted the FBI to become involved in the investigation.

A photo of the area where Broberg fell overboard, which has widely circulated on the internet, shows an apparent blood stain on the wooden cruise ship flooring at the site. But despite the evidence, and the lack of a good explanation as to why there would be a redish brown stain at the site if Broberg had not been hurt before going overboard, Carnival continues to insist that it does not suspect that the victim had been the victim of violence or foul play. In fact, the cruise line says that the photo shows a spill on the deck, not blood.

After Broberg’s disappearance Carnival notified the FBI, per standard procedure. The FBI has refused to comment on the case, and in a statement Special Agent Shauna Dunlap indicated that answers could be released when the investigation is completed.

Cruise ship disappearances occur over a dozen times per year, and passengers who fall from cruise ships are usually never found at all. Under the 2010 Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act, cruise companies were required to install so-called “man overboard” technology which would help detect and pinpoint those who had fallen from the ships. But cruise companies have reportedly been slow to implement the technology.