Vox Makes the Case Against Cruises

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Since the inception of this blog, we have been sounding the alarm about cruise ships and the dangers that are often found aboard them. We have written about cruise ship assault, sexual assault, and exceedingly high levels of pollution. Now, popular opinion website Vox.com is taking the cruise industry on and calling it out for its many failings.

The article rightly takes cruise companies to task for the industry’s high levels of crime, particularly sexual assault. It also cites the terrifying fact that over the past 18 years approximately 322 people have gone overboard from cruise ships, with just one in five being rescued.

The Vox article also calls the industry out for the its extremely harmful effects on the environment, engaging in such practices as dumping thousands of gallons of incinerated sewage into the oceans every week and spewing thousands of tons of toxic fumes into the air.