Viking Cruise Ship Suffers Mechanical Issue

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  • Cruise ships continue to suffer mechanical issues, despite technological advances.
  • The Viking Sea suffered propeller issues yesterday.
  • The ship’s mechanical issues slowed its trip to Athens and necessitated some passengers to rebook their flights.

When thinking about the way the world has developed in recent years, cruise passengers would be forgiven if they mistakenly thought that cruise ships had likely advanced past the possibility of suffering frequent mechanical malfunctions. On the contrary, cruise ships the world over routinely suffer from engine and other mechanical issues, and in recent times it seems that stories of cruise ship malfunctions are popping up weekly. The most recent ship to suffer from reported mechanical issues was a Viking Cruises ship.

According to published reports the Viking Sea suffered a malfunction of one of its propellers yesterday, as it was preparing to set sail for Athens. Though the propeller issue did not prevent the ship from leaving port at Valletta, it was sailing at a slower speed than usual, and will reach Athens later than expected. The cruise line says that, as a precaution, it going to rebook flights for those who had early departures out of Athens. The company says that it expects to repair the propeller over the weekend.

The interesting thing about the Viking Sea’s propeller issues is that the ship is not one of the older cruise vessels, which may be expected to suffer more break-downs than newer ships. The ship entered into service in March, making its unexpected mechanical problems all the more telling. But the Viking Sea is just one of many cruise ships which have suffered from such issues lately. Two weeks ago we blogged about a Thompson ship which lost propulsion while in port in Malta. That ship required a tug to get back into its moorings.