Video Surfaces of Carnival Vista Destroying Dock and Capsizing Small Boats

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  • Last month Carnival Cruise Line’s newest and largest ship, the Vista, made headlines when it destroyed a dock in Italy.
  • In a video of the incident, which was just released, the ship can be seen coming within feet of striking the dock, but powering away at the last second.
  • The wake from the ship’s thrust swamped the dock, breaking it and capsizing several boats.

Last week we blogged about a cruise ship, the Carnival Vista, that destroyed a dock in Italy last month when it sailed too closely and caused a powerful and devastating wake as it powered away. Now, a video of the incident has surfaced. It is difficult to believe that the crew of the ship could cause such a massive blunder; even the passenger recording the video could tell that the ship’s orientation to the dock, and the boats moored at, was precariously close.

In a statement the local ports authority estimated that the damages caused by the incident to be in the range of $280,000, and said that two piers were damaged – one beyond repair, as well as 12 small boats and other ancillary facilities. The incident, which occurred on August 28th, did not cause any injuries.

Carnival says that weather was a factor, indicating that wind and sea currents were to blame for the ship’s captain deciding to increase the ship’s propulsion. The company says that it is in contact with Italian authorities and is assisting with the investigation.