Video of Carnival Cruise Ship Fight Turns Up Online

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  • A major melee recently broke out aboard a Carnival cruise ship.
  • Video of the brawl was of loaded to Youtube.
  • Apparently there have been at least two other Carnival cruise ship fights over the past couple of weeks.

As cruise ships struggle to find new ways to generate revenue many of them have begun offering so-called “all you can drink” alcohol packages. While such prepaid booze packages may make drinking far more affordable for those taking cruise vacations, it is well known that drinking an excess of alcohol can cause erratic and even violent behavior in people. One of the most striking examples occurs whenever there is a major cruise ship brawl.

A recent Video, posted on Youtube, shows what appears to be a major fight breaking out aboard a Carnival cruise ship, complete with thrown chairs and plenty of expletives. Though watching such scenes of violence and anarchy may prove to be entertainment for those who were not present for the melee, it is easy to imagine that someone could get seriously hurt in such a skirmish.

Apparently this fight was just one of at least three fights in just over two weeks’ time aboard Carnival cruise ships.