-Video- INSIDE EDITION Interviews Cruise Injury Attorney Jack Hickey about Cruise Ship Sexual Assault

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In 2014, we filed suit against Carnival Cruise Line on behalf of our client who can be seen in the INSIDE Edition news program below. Our client, who was identified only as Tristin in the story, was viciously attacked and raped by two Carnival crew members. While it may seem that crew members would be less unlikely to commit such acts, the truth is that crew members commit the majority of sexual assaults and rapes against cruise passengers every year.

As reported in the program, which was released in 2014, during the 4-year period prior to the airing of the program there had been over 150 reports of rape and sexual assault aboard cruise ships based in North America.

The piece shows how INSIDE Edition discovered, and filmed, cruise ship employees fraternizing with passengers in a way that is clearly inappropriate – even according to Carnival’s own code of conduct.

Though Carnival stated that "crew contact with guests should be limited and related to the performance of his or her job" in court papers relating to the sexual assault, INSIDE Edition boarded the Carnival Fascination to investigate and on the first day spotted uniformed cruise ship officers flirting with passengers. Eventually, the reporters filmed the officers dancing closely with a pair of women, and even going to a stateroom together.