-Video- Former Cruise Ship Worker, and Cruise Ship Sexual Assault Victim, Talks Cruise Ship Crime

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We have covered the case of Shari Cecil in previous blogs. Cecil is featured on the cruise ship victims’ website International Cruise Victims (ICV), and tells her story of being raped by her bunk mate when she was a crew member on a cruise ship, and her subsequent treatment by cruise ship authorities.

Several years ago, Cecil, who after her own experience also became an advocate for those victimized on cruise ships, talked about her experience in the following video, and provides some context for cruise ship crime in general.

The following is an excerpt from Cecil’s profile on the ICV website:

These are the statements made to me by my supervisor within the first 72 hours of being raped on board the ‘Pride of Aloha’, operated by Norwegian Cruise Line America, a U.S. flagged vessel with a U.S. crew sailing only in U.S. waters:

  • “Bad things happen to good people.”
  • “You need to put it behind you and get back to work.”
  • “Just forget about it and get on with your life.” 
  • “You don’t have to be afraid of him.” 
  • “We don’t carry rape kits on board.”
  • “You’re lucky this isn’t an international ship. You would both just be fired and kicked off at the next port.”
  • “We don’t know who the investigating authority is.”