-Video- Cruise Ships Sail in Dangerously Stormy Seas

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Despite the wealth of weather predicting technology which is available to cruise companies, every year cruise ships nevertheless sail in dangerously rough seas. Though the hazardous practice usually only results in overturned furniture and extremely displeased passengers, occasionally serious injuries and even death can result.


An example of the tremendous danger cruise companies undertake when sailing in rough seas was posted on the website Express.co.uk yesterday, and shows a cruise ship battling a massive storm.

The footage shows the ships swimming pool swishing as water is thrown about by the rocky waves. But this footage is not nearly as severe as some other videos which have been released, including the following video in which a cruise ship was struck by a so-called rogue wave, which resulted in the death of two passengers.

Every year cruise companies continue to take chances and sale their ships in adverse weather conditions. The practice is neither recommendable nor understandable, but if history is any guide, passengers may expect cruise companies to continue this dangerous practice as the 2017 tropical storm and hurricane season gets underway.