Three of the Most Common Cruise Excursion Dangers

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  • Cruise travelers can be subject the various dangers and hazards when taking excursions.
  • Robbery, traffic crash, and inappropriate actions by the excursion staff are three of the most common excursion dangers.
  • Travelers should take precautions when taking cruise ship excursions.

There are many potential dangers that cruise travelers may face as a passenger on excursion. Cruise ship travelers should take extra precaution when deciding to take shore excursions during a cruise.

Below we will take a look at some of the most common cruise vacation excursions dangers.

  • Robbery – Passengers are frequently the subjects of robbery while on excursion. Areas in the Caribbean and Latin America can be especially dangerous. It is a good idea to research the excursions you may wish to take beforehand, and make a plan to protect yourself while on excursion.
  • Traffic Crash – One of the most dangerous aspects of taking a shore excursion from a cruise ship is taking the journey to the excursion site and back. Every year hundreds of cruise ship passengers are injured and killed in traffic crashes while taking excursions.
  • Inappropriate action by excursion staff -  Most travelers will find that their excursion staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. But sometimes the staff make mistakes. They may forget to properly strap a guest into a harness, or ask him to try to perform a task that is too difficult for him. Regardless of the nature of the staff member’s error, the result can be serious injury. Another way in which staff members may act inappropriately is when they deliberately cause harm to their guests. This happens, for example, in cases in which excursion staff sexually assault guests. Such incidents are reported every year around the world.