Thoroughbred Trainer Sues Carnival for Disappearance of His Wife

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Thoroughbred horse trainer Karl M. Broberg has filed a lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Lines for the disappearance of his wife during a cruise with the company.

The federal suit claims that Carnival was negligent in that it “excessively served alcoholic beverages” to Samantha Broberg over 12 hours after she boarded the ship. The suit claims that Samantha was visibly intoxicated, even to the point of nodding off.

The key passage of the suit, as published by a website dedicated to thoroughbred horse racing, states:

“As Mrs. Broberg approached the ship’s outer rail, in her inebriated state, she unceremoniously stepped on one of the many ship’s lounge chairs, neatly lined up near the ship’s outer deck rail, turned her back to the water, momentarily sat on the rail, and within a split second, fell backwards, head over heels, into the Gulf of Mexico.”

The suit also claims that the ship’s security apparatus failed to prevent the inebriated Samantha from climbing up on the railing, and when she fell overboard authorities were not immediately informed because Carnival had installed a readily available man-overboard alarm system.