The Dangers Facing Children on a Cruise

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On Monday, June 13, the Carnival Liberty left Galveston, but just a few hours after leaving it had to return to port.

It appears that a family from College Station was taking photographs near a rail when their three year old child slipped through the rail and down from the 14th deck to the 12th. The girl was taken to the medical center where they took to decision to return to shore.
On the ship’s return the child was taken by paramedics into an ambulance and taken to hospital where she is said to be stable but suffering from a broken jaw. The ship then resumed its cruise but the schedule may have to be changed due to the late departure.
Taking a child on a cruise may sound like a great idea and leave children full of excitement but the number of potential dangers should not be overlooked. Children need to be constantly supervised especially in swimming pools as there have been several cases of drowning or near drowning on cruise ships. In addition, young children can often not read any warning signs which make a cruise ship especially dangerous for them.
Apart from the obvious physical dangers such as falling through railings, or drowning there are other hidden dangers such as sexual molestation by crew members which happens all too often, or indeed by other passengers.
In addition there are the health risks to children who are especially vulnerable to diseases such as norovirus as their immune systems are not as well developed as those of adults.
Any parent or guardian taking a child on a cruise should be aware of the risks and ensure that the child is well supervised at all times and never left to wander the ship alone.