Support for Cruise Ship Sexual Assault Victims

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Every year dozens of passengers are sexually assaulted aboard cruise ships. Statistics says that the majority of these horrible attacks are perpetrated by cruise ship employees, who are all too often then protected by their employers. This fact often adds to the victim’s suffering, as those who are supposed to help have often been found to be more interested in protecting the cruise company from economic and reputational harm.

There are organizations which were formed to help victims of crimes aboard cruise ships, and victims of sexual assaults in general. Below we take a look at some support organizations for those who have suffered sexual assault aboard cruise ships.

International Cruise Victim’s Association (ICVA) - The ICVA is one of the most prominent advocates for those injured and killed aboard cruise ships. The organization lobbies on behalf of legislation which would increase cruise company transparency and strengthen protections for cruise passengers.

Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) - The SASS is an organization which is dedicated to helping and supporting victims of sexual assault. On this organization’s website you can find important information relating to preventing sexual assault, and how to handle situations after the fact. SASS also has a 2 hour hotline for those in need.

Abused Adult Resource Center (AARC) - The AARC provides emergency support and intervention on behalf of adults during situations involving sexual assault and domestic violence.

The National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC) - The NCVC website provides information on dealing with and overcoming sexual assault.