Sun Princess Reportedly Experiencing Norovirus Outbreak

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  • The Sun Princess cruise ship is set to return to Fremantle, Australia from a 13-day itinerary on Sunday.
  • The company has announced that the ship is currently suffering from an outbreak of norovirus.
  • Despite the perils, Princess is reportedly not offering refunds to concerned passengers of the ship’s next sailing.

A so-called “gastro” outbreak was reported on the Sun Princess cruise ship this weekend.

The ship is set to arrive at the Australian port of Fremantle on Sunday on following a 13-day itinerary. Princess cruises confirmed that the gastrointestinal illness as norovirus, a nasty and highly contagious stomach bug which can cause severe nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea

In a statement the company did not specify how many passengers fell ill with the virus, but did indicate that the company intended to take aggressive action to head off the spread of the virus. The company said that its “High sanitation levels were further increased and both the ship and terminal will be thoroughly cleansed,” and that it would implement a “comprehensive sanitation program”.

According to a passenger who was interviewed by, Princess is not offering any refunds or compensation for passengers who are concerned with falling ill with the virus on its next sailing.

It is common for cruise companies to refuse refunds to passengers, even after they fall ill while cruising. There have even been cases of passengers who have been quarantined to their rooms after contracting norovirus while cruising, only to be denied refunds upon returning home.