Sun Princess Outbreak Leaves Sickens 90 Passengers

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  • The Sun Princess cruise ship arrived in Brisbane today, carrying up to 90 sick passengers.
  • The travelers are reportedly sick with norovirus.
  • The Sun Princess plans another sailing today, after a so-called prolonged disinfection.

A norovirus outbreak has been reported on the Sun Princess cruise ship.

The Sun Princess docked at Brisbane today carrying at least 90 people sick with norovirus. The ship was returning from a 12 day cruise to Papua New Guinea as the outbreak reached its apex. Norovirus is an extremely contagious gastrointestinal bug which causes nausea and vomiting, intense diarrhea, and a general miserable feeling in those who contract it.

As we have noted in this blog before, cruise companies usually respond to norovirus outbreaks by announcing that they will conduct a deep clean of the affected ships, after the sick group has disembarked and before the next round of passengers boards.

The problem is that new passengers often board the very same afternoon that sick passengers disembark, leaving cruise companies very little time to disinfect their ships. Norovirus has been scientifically proven to remain infectious for up to several days or weeks after having been treated with disinfectant.

Princess Cruises reportedly announced that the Sun Princess would undergo a “prolonged disinfection" ahead of its next sailing, scheduled for later today.

Interestingly, cruise companies have the right, per the cruise contract, to quarantine sick passengers. Even when those passengers become sick after boarding a ship which recently experienced and outbreak, it is uncommon for cruise companies to provide them with refunds.