Suing Cruise Lines for Slip-and-Fall

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  • Cruise ship slip-and-falls are the most common causes of litigation against cruise companies, such as Carnival and Royal Caribbean.
  • The lawsuits usually center on the fact that cruise companies have a duty to exercise reasonable care, under the circumstances.
  • The lido and pool decks are the most common areas where passengers suffer slip-and-fall injuries.

When are cruise ships responsible for slip-and-fall injuries suffered by their customers? There is well established case law which helps judges and juries decide cruise ship slip-and-fall cases, which is the most common kind of personal injury litigation filed against cruise companies every year.

The basis for most slip-and-fall lawsuits, when filed against cruise companies, is fact that cruise carriers have a duty to exercise reasonable care, under the circumstance, to their passengers. When a cruise passenger boards a ship, he or she expects to find the ship in safe condition, and for the ship to remain in safe condition for the duration of his or her voyage.

When cruise companies fail to maintain the flooring aboard their ships free of slippery substances, this could constitute a violation of the duty to exercise proper care.

One of the primary areas for cruise ship slip-and-falls is the Lido Deck, or pool deck. The design of the flooring on some ships can result in the lido deck becoming extremely slippery, and falls in these dangerous areas can cause severe physical injuries. Some victims of cruise ship slip-and-falls have been left permanently disabled, requiring life altering surgeries and physical aides.