Student Stabbed Four Times on Cruise Ship

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A student has been stabbed on board a cruise ship and is seriously wounded.

On Tuesday, May 24 a cruise ship was sailing from Barcelona in Spain and was in the Mediterranean Sea on its way to Civitavecchia, Rome. On board were around 1,500 students from around Serbia who were sailing a graduation cruise which had been booked through a local travel agent. It is reported that in the early hours of the morning there was some sort of altercation between a group of Serbian students and another passenger on the ship who was also from Serbia.  It is thought that alcohol was a factor and at the time there was some sort of party taking place on deck.
One of the students was allegedly holding a knife and 23 year old Serbian student Jovan Spasic tried to calm him down. However as he attempted to diffuse the situation with 28 year old Aleksandar Stojanović, from Krusevac in Serbia, Spasic was stabbed four times in the stomach. He was rushed to the onboard medical center for urgent attention.
However, Spasic had lost a great deal of blood and his liver was damaged and continuing to lose blood. From the time he was stabbed to being transferred to hospital in Rome he had lost a liter and a half of blood.
It took up to a week for Spasic to be well enough to be transferred to a Serbian hospital where it is understood he is now out of danger and stable.