South Carolina Woman Sues Carnival After Suffering Slip-and-Fall Injury

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  • Carnival Cruise Lines is the subject of a slip-and-fall lawsuit, filed in December by a South Carolina woman.
  • The plaintiff claims to have suffered serious injury after slipping and falling on ice on the floor of the Carnival Fascination cruise ship.
  • The suit alleges that Carnival was negligent in not cleaning up the ice on the floor, and not warning passengers of the hazard.

Carnival Cruise Lines is the subject of yet another lawsuit, after a passenger recently filed suit against the company following a slip-and-fall incident.

South Carolina resident Linda Wieters is suing Carnival, claiming that she suffered significant personal injury when she slipped and fell on the Carnival Fascination cruise ship on January 30, 2016. The suit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Miami Division, claims that Carnival is responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries.

On the day in question, Wieters slipped and fell on a floor near the Atrium Bar on the ship. The suit claims that there was ice on the floor, and that Carnival failed to remove the hazard from the floor, and failed to warn passengers of the dangers posed by the slippery substance.

Wieters’s suit seeks medical expenses, damages, legal fees, and any other just compensation provided by the court.