Slip-and-Fall Leads to Lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Lines

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  • A woman who sailed with Carnival Cruise Lines in July 2016 is suing the company.
  • The plaintiff’s suit alleges that she suffered serious injury after a slip-and-fall aboard the Carnival Imagination.
  • The plaintiff alleges that Carnival’s negligence resulted in her injury.

A former passenger with Carnival Cruise Lines is suing the company, alleging that its negligence resulted in her suffering serious injury.

California resident Samia Soliman filed suit against Carnival in early January, alleging that she slipped and fell on a wet surface while sailing on the Carnival Imagination on July 21, 2016. Her suit says that she suffered injury due to Carnival’s negligence, as the company did not warn passengers of the slippery conditions of the passenger deck.

Cruise lines have a duty to maintain cruise ships free of dangerous hazards, and to warn passengers when hazards are present. In cases in which the company fails in these duties, and passengers are injured as a result, the cruise line may be held liable for the victims’ injuries.  

Soliman’s suit demands damages and interest, and legal fees.