Sexual Assault aboard the Costa Diadema

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A crew member from the Costa Diadema has reportedly sexually molested a teenage girl on board the ship in Italy.

According to Italian news, a 50-year-old man from Honduras, who was working on board the Costa Diadema as a cleaner, has now been arrested by Italian police. Costa Diadema can hold nearly 5,000 passengers.

The 15 year old girl was travelling with her uncle and aunt and she left the dining room after dinner to go back to her cabin. She told her aunt and uncle that the man came into her cabin and touched her private parts and began to kiss her. She managed to break free and went to tell her relatives about what had happened. They informed the captain, and the cruise company then told the police in La Spezia where the ship was berthed at the time. The police came on board, arrested the perpetrator and charged him with sexual assault.

Costa cruises is providing full collaboration with the Italian authorities and support to the family.

This is not the first time this has happened on board the Costa Diadema. In August of this year, a bar tender was arrested for sexually assaulting an 18 year-old French woman on board the ship when in was docked in Naples as part of a seven day Mediterranean cruise out of Marseille, France. On that occasion, 30 year old Mark Guinucud from Manila, Philippines supposedly brutally raped the woman. He had booked a flight for August 29 from Pisa to the Philippines, but an Italian deputy prosecutor issued an arrest warrant and stopped him from flying. He is still in prison in La Spezia.