Sex, Drugs, and Partying - A Cruise Ship Crew Member Reveals the Details

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  • Cruise ship employees regularly report that the employee atmosphere aboard the ships includes drugs, partying, and casual sex.
  • In a recent article, a British newspaper profiled an American who worked on a cruise ship, and said he slept with travelers and worked while under the influence of drugs.
  • The worker’s revelation may provide some insight into the incidence of cruise ship crime.

Over the years, travel writers and journalists have written many exposes about the environment found aboard cruise ships. Inevitably, the writings include stories of rampant sex, drug use, and partying.

While this may be surprising, many people would not think that such goings on would be a pose a direct threat them as they travel, but such an ambiance may contribute to the incidence of cruise ship sexual assault and rape which we have been blogging about for years.

In a recent article, a British newspaper profiles a American cruise ship worker, who gave his account of the craziness in which he and his co-workers engaged while living and working aboard the vessel. The former crew member, called Hyatt, worked as a fitness professional aboard the ship. He casually discusses sleeping with passengers, he says he only slept with five passengers (though asserts that he knew co-workers who slept with many more), and using drugs including LSD and cannabis.

Hyatt also talked about going to work while high. The article points out that part of his job function was to help passengers in the case of an emergency, and that it could be particularly difficult to perform such duties when under the influence of LSD.

Over the years, we have blogged about dozens of cases of cruise ship crime, including sexual assault. While there is no evidence that drugs, alcohol, and partying play a direct role in any significant number of these incidents, it is easy to imagine that a permissive atmosphere could lead to the commission of such crimes.