Senior Detective Joins Investigation of Woman Missing from Disney Cruise

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In March 2011, a 24 year old British woman went missing from a Disney cruise ship.

Given the lack of information and investigation carried out by both Disney and the police in the Bahamas, where the cruise ship was registered, now, one of the former most senior detectives in Great Britain has offered his expertise to try and uncover the truth.
Rebecca Coriam was working as a child minder on board the Disney Wonder, but less than 24 hours after it left Los Angeles on its way to the Mexican Riviera she disappeared. Rebecca was last seen on 22 March 22, 2011 at 5.45 a.m. when video footage showed her making a phone call from the staff quarters. The friend she called said she seemed fine on the telephone. When she failed to turn up for her shift some four hours later the alarm was raised but Disney waited over four hours to tell the U.S. Coast Guard, over five hours to contact the local navy and seven hours to contact the police in the Bahamas.
Like all cruise lines, if an incident happens in international waters, the investigating team comes from the country where the ship is registered. Unfortunately the police in the Bahamas only conducted a cursory investigation and decided she must have jumped overboard.
Her parents, Mike and Ann Coriam, filed a lawsuit against Disney for allegedly failing in their duty of care towards Rebecca, but Disney said it was without merit. The Coriams have also criticized Disney for their lack of communication since Rebecca disappeared and they are still waiting for Disney to send them the full incident report. They question the motives of the cruise line in withholding information.
They still do not know if Rebecca is alive or dead, but they do know that her credit card was used a month after her disappearance. They continue to collect evidence about the case and with the addition of Commander Roy Ramm as a member of the team they are hopeful the mystery can be solved. Ramm has extensive experience of missing person investigations with 27 years in the Metropolitan police force.