Royal Caribbean Sued for Excursion Auto Crash Injuries

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  • Two former Royal Caribbean passengers are suing the company, after a January 14, 2016 auto crash.
  • The couple had taken an excursion from their cruise ship, and was injured when the bus on which they were traveling was struck by a truck.
  • The suit alleges that Royal Caribbean failed in its duty to properly screen and investigate excursion vehicle drivers and safety equipment.

Two former passengers on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship are suing the company, claiming that they were injured while taking an excursion.

The couple, Amanda and Jeremy Guthrie of North Carolina, filed their suit against Royal Caribbean on December 20, 2016. As is required by their cruise contract, they filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Miami Division.

The lawsuit alleges that, as the couple traveled with the cruise company, they took an offshore excursion. While traveling on the excursion bus, it was struck by a truck, resulting in serious injury for the plaintiffs.

The plaintiffs’ suit claims that Royal Caribbean was responsible to provide safety screens and audits of the drivers used by its excursion provider, and their safety equipment, but that the company failed in this duty.

The complaint seeks medical expenses, legal fees, damages, and other relief deemed just by the court.