Royal Caribbean Settles Pollution Suit with Alaska

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  • In its annual report filed in late February, Royal Caribbean indicated that it settled with the state of Alaska for pollution related charges.
  • The company was accused of violating the state’s visible pollution standards over a five-year period.
  • Alaska’s standards for measuring pollution have been criticized as not being consistent.

Just weeks after Carnival Cruise Lines settled a lawsuit stemming from its violation of Alaskan pollution standards, Royal Caribbean has followed suit.

Alaska’s Department of Environmental Conservation notified Royal Caribbean, and its subsidiary Celebrity, of the violations in April 2015. The notices referred to incidents which had occurred over the previous five years, in which the company violated Alaska’s regulations for visible exhaust.

Alaska’s exhaust regulations have been mired in controversy because the detectors used to measure smoke levels have been accused of not consistently detecting pollution according US Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Royal Caribbean filed notice of the settlement in its annual report, which was released in late February.