Royal Caribbean Finally Agrees to Provide Lifeguards aboard its Ships

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  • Royal Caribbean has finally announced that it will begin to station lifeguards at its onboard pools.
  • The company says 14 ships will receive lifeguards by mid-April, with the remaining sips receiving them by mid-June.
  • Royal Caribbean joins Disney as the two major cruise lines to offer lifeguards at onboard pools.

After years of tragic headlines relating to children drowning and nearly drowning in cruise ship pools, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has decided to station lifeguards at its pools.

The company, and most major cruise lines, had inexplicably refused to provide lifeguards at its pools for years. As the companies continued their tone-deaf refusals, they had to simultaneously defend against the outcry of parents who lost children in cruise ship swimming pools, and industry watchers who levied harsh criticisms every time another child was injured or killed by drowning.

Until now Disney Cruises was the only major cruise company which had decided to provide lifeguards. Disney, too, had refused lifeguards for years, but changed its policy in 2013 after a child’s drowning death.

Royal Caribbean announced that 14 of the company’s ships will see the lifeguards go on duty by mid-April, with the remaining ships receiving lifeguards by mid-June. The lifeguard personnel will be dedicated to their jobs and will not have any additional duties aboard their respective ships.