Report on Man Crushed in Elevator on Cruise Ship

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The police report has been issued about the cruise ship electrician who was crushed in an elevator shaft.
Italian national, 66 year old Jose Sandoval Opazo, was the chief electrician on board the Carnival Ecstasy and died when he was crushed in a lift shaft on December 27 last year. He was carrying our routine maintenance on the top of the elevator when it moved floors from the sixth floor to the ninth floor. It appears that he fell and was crushed against the wall of the shaft which led to blood running down the outside of the elevator doors and horrifying passengers.
The incident took place on the final part of a three day cruise from Miami when the ship was around 27 nautical miles from Grand Bahama.  
According to investigators, crew members found that the elevators’ override system had a jumper cable on it which meant that the safety system had been shut off, which apparently is a common practice by the electricians. They also found a screwdriver which they think Opazo used to keep the elevator doors open.
One of the passengers, 43 year old Naples resident Jonathan Niesen said that the doors to the elevator shaft were open as he was waiting on the eighth floor and he saw Opazo working on the top of the elevator below him. He then heard a sound like rushing water and walked down to the seventh floor where he saw the blood dripping down the outside of the elevator doors.
Another passenger, 31 year old Shota Tanaka, from Bethesda, Maryland told investigators he had taken the elevator on the fourth floor and wanted to go to the eighth but having pushed the button, there was a sound of metal breaking and the elevator juddered. Once it reached the eighth floor the doors would not fully open and blood began to pour down the elevator door.
Following the accident, Carnival notified the Coast Guard and the FBI but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration were not involved as  the death occurred in international waters.