Report: Cruise Ship Medical Issues Second Most Common Kind of Cruise Ship Incident

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An article just published by covers a report that found cruise passengers’ need for medical assistance is the second most common cause of cruise ship incident.

The article lists the following statistics in relation to cruise ship incidents:

  • 46.5% of cruise ship incidents involve some kind of cancellation or interruption of the ship’s voyage
  • 24.8% of cruise ship incidents involve passengers requiring medical assistance
  • 18.4% of incidents involve problems with luggage

The article notes that health care services and medications aboard cruise ships often cost far above the market prices for such products and services on land. What the article does not mention is the fact that cruise passengers often receive substandard medical treatment from cruise ship doctors and medical staff, which may result in an exacerbation of their existing conditions.

In the following video, cruise injury attorney Jack Hickey talks about cruise ship medical malpractice, and what you can do if you are ever the victim of negligent medical care aboard a cruise ship.