Recent Lawsuits against Cruise Companies Blame Bartenders for Sexual Assault

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Earlier this year a teen girl, who claimed to have been raped by a bartender during a recent cruise, sued the cruise company with which she was sailing at the time of the alleged attack. Her case is an example of a disturbing trend in which cruise bartenders have been accused of sexually assaulting and raping passengers.

The plaintiff, a girl who was 16 years old at the time of the alleged attack, sued Avalon Waterways, accusing one of the company’s crew members of having raped her during a Christmas season cruise in Asia in 2016. The suit says that a bartender named Louie tagged along with the victim and her mother while they were aboard the ship, and even joined them during land excursions.

On the last day of the cruise, according to the complaint, the bartender raped the plaintiff in a bathroom, causing permanent physical and emotional damage.

There have been several recent cases of cruise ship bartenders allegedly raping passengers. Just days ago we blogged about another bartender who allegedly raped a passenger behind the bar of a SeaDream Yacht Club cruise ship, resulting in the victim suffering serious injuries. The victim in this case recently filed a $25 million lawsuit against the cruise line.

Last year, a woman who had sailed on a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship also claimed that her bartender raped her.

If you are ever raped or sexually assaulted aboard a cruise ship, be sure to:

  • Immediately seek medical attention, and have a rape kit performed before you wash
  • Report the incident to the FBI
  • Collect all evidence relating to the crime
  • Collect the contact information of all witnesses
  • Get counselling when you get home