Recent Headlines Highlight Dangers Minors Face on Cruise Ships

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Last week NBC Nightly News ran a profile of several families which had members who had been victims of cruise ship sexual assault.

Following the NBC story, a headline from a cruise ship sexual assault related article on the New York Daily News last week reads, “Sexual assault victims on cruise ships are often minors”. The piece highlights the fact that, according to a 2013 congressional report, approximately 33% of victims of cruise ship sexual assaults were under the age of 18. One note about that figure is that before 2016 reporting rules allowed cruise companies to essentially defer reporting cruise ship crimes indefinitely, making the actual number of cruise ship sexual assault victims in 2013 extremely difficult to determine.

We have often blogged about the potential dangers which may await minors aboard cruise ships. Not only have there been a rash of sexual assaults in involving underaged victims, but cruise ship drowning and near drownings have also been a problem.  In fact, the negative press coverage relating to cruise ship drownings was likely at least partially responsible for cruise giant Royal Caribbean deciding to station life guards at its onboard swimming pools, after resisting calls to do so for a number of years.

Carnival Cruise Lines still refuses to station life guards at its pools.