Pirates Attack Cruise Ship in Peru - Steal Over $20K in Valueables

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Years ago there were multiple accounts of pirates attacking shipping vessels in the seas off of the coast of Somalia. While such attacks definitely raised the alarm for cruise ship passengers, they seemed far enough away so as to not pose an imminent threat to the Western cruise industry. But as can be learned by a recent incident in Peruvian waters, pirate attacks are not isolated to maritime regions off the coast of Africa.

According to published reports pirates pulled alongside the Amazon Discovery cruise ship on Thursday and proceeded to board the ship and rob its passengers and crew. All told, the pirates made off with approximately $20,000 in cash and valuables. It has been reported that there were approximately 60 people aboard the cruise ship that the time of the robbery, of which 21 were Americans.

Cruising and taking excursions in international waters and locales has long been a relatively dangerous practice. We recently reminded our readers that several years ago a group of tourists were robbed at gunpoint while taking a cruise excursion in Mexico. More recently 10 Australians were injured, some of them critically, in a cruise excursion auto accident on the island of Vanuatu.

Often times when cruise passengers are injured, whether the injuries be sustained aboard the cruise ship or on an excursion, the cruise companies themselves may be liable. We have represented many clients who have been injured on cruise ships as a result of the companies' negligence. Many of our clients have even been the victims of outright assault, including sexual assault.

If you, or your loved one, have been injured on a cruise ship or on a cruise excursion, you may be entitled to significant monetary compensation under law. Contact our law offices immediately to speak with a knowledgeable of attorney about your case and learn your legal options.