Passenger Sues Princess Cruises and Cruise Ship Doctor after Misdiagnosis and Hip Replacement

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We recently posted a blog about a man who was treated by a cruise ship’s onboard doctor after he stepped on a sharp object on the ship. The man’s injuries were not properly treated, and he later had to have surgery after the wound became infected. The man sued the cruise line and the doctor who treated him, claiming that the cruise line failed to maintain a safe environment for its passengers, and that the doctor had not properly treated his wound.

At the end of last month another former cruise ship passenger filed a lawsuit against the same cruise line for similar reasons.

On May 30, plaintiff George Stephan filed suit against Princess Cruise Lines LTD and Swasthi Singh, M.D. in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. Stephan claims that on December 9, 2015 he was injured aboard a Princess cruise ship when he tripped and fell over some ropes. He was subsequently treated by Swasthi Singh, M.D., who diagnosed him with a strained quadricep. Dr. Singh allegedly did not order an X-Ray.

Upon returning to shore, Stephan sought additional treatment for his injuries, which resulted in his hospitalization and later undergoing a hip replacement. The suit claims that Princess failed to warn the plaintiff of the hazardous conditions on the ship, and that Dr. Singh failed to properly diagnose and treat him.