Parents of Missing Cruise Worker Believe She Was Raped and Thrown Overboard

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For years, the parents of missing cruise ship worker Rebecca Coriam have disputed the official account of her disappearance. Now, a new theory is calling the official version of events into question.

In 2011 24-year-old Rebecca Coriam, a worker on the Disney Wonder cruise ship, went missing. Though there was never any direct evidence to indicate that Coriam had gone overboard from the ship, a combination of work logs and surveillance footage established that she was on the ship as it sailed in Mexican waters before her reported disappearance.

Disney offered Coriam’s parents a novel explanation: their daughter had been swept off the ship by a freak wave. But the Coriams never accepted the company’s reasoning. Instead, the Coriams, with the help of British legislators and private investigators, have come to the conclusion that their daughter was sexually assaulted and then thrown overboard. According to the Chester Chronicle, the family has the names of at least two suspects, a male and a female.

The newspaper reports that, after her disappearance, two of Rebecca’s friends informed her parents that she had expressed to them that she was worried about possibly being raped aboard the ship one day.

The Coriams, and British lawmakers and police officials, continue to pursue justice for Rebecca.