Officials Warn Tourists of Caribbean Sex Assault Dangers

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Earlier this week we blogged about the U.S. State Department’s recent warnings relating to the sex assault dangers in Jamaica and the Bahamas. Now a USA Today report expands the number of Caribbean countries in which tourists should beware.

According to the report, the State Department cautions Americans visiting Barbados, Grenada, and the Dominican Republic, as it has received reports of sexual assault against U.S. citizens in these locations as well.

“Some American tourists alleged that they were the victims of “date rape” drugs (such as rohypnol “roofies”, PCP, scopolamine, etc.) slipped into their drinks or food in furtherance of criminal activity,” the report said.

Cruise passengers visiting these countries should take extra precautions when interacting with locals, and be especially vigilant not to leave food and drinks unattended.