Norwegian Breakaway Crew Member Sentenced to Jail

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A crew member who worked aboard the Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship has been sentenced to two years in jail in Bermuda.

On Thursday, October 15, 30 year old Lindel Primus pleaded guilty in a Magistrate’s Court to conspiring with others to import nearly 2,000 grams of cannabis to Bermuda over a time period ending September 16. Cannabis is classified as a controlled drug in Bermuda and the amount involved had a street value of $94,925 there.

Originally Primus denied the offence, which was possession as well as intent to supply, but on this court appearance he changed his plea which was subsequently accepted by the court. He also admitted to bringing cannabis to the country on two previous occasions without being caught. Primus lives on the Caribbean island of Grenada and said that he was trying to help his five children and grandmother as he was responsible for them and apologized to the court for what he had done.

Primus worked in the galley on the Norwegian Breakaway and when he left the ship on September 16 he was subjected to a routine pat down and the drugs were discovered, secured with elastic bands under the spandex bicycle shorts he was wearing The police were called and they, together with the on board security searched his cabin where they discovered an email address and password, presumably linked to the person he was supplying the drugs to

The magistrate sentenced Primus to two years’ imprisonment with the time he had already served in jail on remand also taken into account.