Newsweek Reports Royal Caribbean Forced to Divert Due to Medical Emergencies

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The Royal Caribbean Serenade of the Seas was diverted from its planned itinerary over the weekend, when it suddenly had to disembark three passengers due to medical reasons.

The ship was originally set to sail from Boston to St. Maarten. But due to a rash of medical emergencies, the ship was diverted to Bermuda. Newsweek quotes a Bermudian official as saying the “medical disembarkation of three passengers” was due to their “suffering from a range of issues [internal bleeding, broken limb and respiratory].”

After disembarking the passengers, the ship continued on with its scheduled itinerary.

Cruise passengers should be aware that cruise ships regularly disembark sick and injured passengers, and even leave them behind in foreign lands to fend for themselves. Good travel insurance will often help with the costs of such emergencies, but the inherent dangers involved with being treated in hospitals which may not be up to U.S. standards cannot be overstated.