Newlyweds Collide During Cruise Ship Zip Line Excursion - Killing Husband

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Tragedy struck for an Israeli couple on their honeymoon last week, when the pair collided during a zip line excursion from a cruise ship. The man was killed, while his wife was left seriously injured.

The incident, which occurred on the Honduran island of Roatan, was first reported by the country’s newspaper La Prensa. The report indicates that 27-year-old Shif Fanken and 24-year-old Egael Tishman were on their honeymoon aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, after being married on July 1. While taking a zip line excursion from the ship, Fanken became stuck approximately halfway down the cable, and then was struck by Tishman, who was traveling at a high rate of speed behind her.

The pair were taken to a local medical facility were Tishman died.

This tragic incident is not the only recent zip line related fatality on Roatan, nor is it the only recent excursion related fatality involving Royal Caribbean passengers.

In 2009 we at Hickey Law Firm filed suit against Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) for the 2008 death of Barbara Fojtasek. Fojtasek was killed when her zip line cable broke while she was taking a cruise ship excursion advertised by NCL.

In December, 12 Royal Caribbean passengers were killed in Mexico while on excursion, when a tractor trailer plowed into the bus in which they were being transported.